Veronica Hatcher

Physiotherapist Resident

Veronica is an enthusiastic (or passionate, or eager, or keen or something else descriptive) physiotherapy resident whose interest lies in treating pelvic and low back pain.

It’s a fact that the pelvic floor and deep core muscles play a large role in the presentation of pelvic pain, low back pain, and incontinence. More often than not, ongoing low back pain is linked to pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, such as muscle tightness, muscle weakness, or incontinence. 

By completing an external assessment of the pelvic floor muscles, Veronica can help to effectively treat ongoing pelvic and low back symptoms.  Core strengthening before or after pregnancy, as well as supporting a safe return to exercise postpartum, is another area in which Veronica helps her clients (or patients). 

Currently, Veronica’s treatment approach involves evaluating and treating the pelvic floor externally. Since the pelvic floor just one player in the wider neuromuscular system, many people find this approach to be effective and very beneficial to their recovery. If you require further internal evaluation of the pelvic floor muscles, Veronica is happy to make the appropriate referral. 

She looks forward to helping you get back to doing what you love.