Optogait is an innovative system for movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions. Optogait is an optical measurement system consisting of light emitting diode (LED) transmitting and receiving bars. Each one of these bars contains 100 LEDs allowing resolution as small as 1cm.

The LEDs on the transmitting bar communicate with those on the receiving bar. The system is capable of detecting interruptions in communication between the LEDs of the bars. Optogait calculates the duration of the interruption and applies this information to a variety of formulas and measurements.

OptoGait goes beyond the acquisition of numerical data from the LED bars though. Thanks to small cameras that can be positioned as desired, Optogait is capable of simultaneously acquiring numerical and video data of the tests being performed. Optogait synchronizes this data allowing for a more detailed analysis of a patient’s biomechanical patterns and/or deficiencies.

The measurement and video data obtained from the system is stored in a database which allows the practitioners at Niagara Health & Rehab Centre to make performance comparisons between different patients and/or the same patient at different points in time.

For more information or to book an OptoGait Analysis please contact NHRC at 289-362-3600