Nick Jackson


In 2017, Nick graduated from Niagara College with honours in the Fitness and Health Promotion program. Nick then went on to complete his testing in order to be certified through the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology as a Personal Trainer.
Nick currently has over two years of experience in the field and has worked with a wide variety of different client bases from general population like weight loss and muscle building, to athletes both youth and professional, and even those recovering from cancer diagnoses.
Nick prefers to coach using functional free weight movements that will enhance your ability to perform daily activities, and to improve performance in your sport. Nick can train all clients using this tactic of training, as many clients no matter the level have many weaknesses in overall strength, balance and stability.
Nick believes heavily in not only physical progression but psychology progression as well. Due to Nick’s history in sports and also personal experiences, he knows how hard it can be to push past the self doubt, to push past the exhaustion and the days when you have no motivation to get up and workout. Nick uses his past experiences to connect and build relationships and connections to his clients, because he firmly believes that communication is key to building a sustainable foundation to live a healthier life.