Covid Safety

In-Person Treatment Procedure for Patients


  • Each patient and NHRC team member must successfully complete screening questionnaires prior to entering the treatment area of the clinic.


  • To eliminate crowding, patients are asked to wait in their vehicles until instructed to enter the clinic. There are numerous markers (spacing lines, directional arrows and “stand here” floor decals) on the floor.  In addition, our administrators are safely behind plexi-glass shields.


  • We have implemented high frequency cleaning protocols using disinfecting products approved by Health Canada.


  • NHRC has implemented a mask requirement at the clinic.  As such, ALL patients and staff are required to wear masks during the entire treatment process.  We kindly request that arrive wearing your own mask (fabric or disposable).  If you do not have one, we will provide you one.  At the current time, NHRC will not be charging for masks but this may be amended in the future.


  • All NHRC team members are required to complete the Infection Protection and Control Canada Hand Hygiene course.
  • We are asking patients to sanitize their hands upon entry into the clinic, before checking out, and throughout the appointment as needed.
  • There are also multiple hand sanitizing locations throughout the clinic


  • We ask that you use your own bathroom prior to coming to the clinic. This is to help minimize surface contact within the clinic


  • Unless a patient requires a caregiver or is a guardian to a child under the age of 18, we ask that patients attend their appointments alone.


  • We are requesting that patients use contactless payment as best as possible.  We understand that credit card or debit card “tap” doesn’t always work successfully


Patient Procedure for Treatment

  • An email containing the COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire will be sent to you 12hrs prior to your visit. Please take the time to complete this questionnaire.  Please note that you will required to fill out this questionnaire prior to each visit
  • Upon arrival at the clinic, please WAIT IN YOUR CAR.
    • Send a text message to (289) 434-2880 to indicate you have arrived for your appointment.
      • Please include your name and the name of your therapist
    • If you prefer not to send a text message please call the clinic at (289) 362-3600 and let the administrator that you have arrived
  • You will receive a text message or phone call when it is appropriate for you to enter the breezeway (space between first two sets of doors) of the clinic.
  • The regulatory bodies for your therapists (chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists) have advocated that COVID-19 screening occur BOTH passively and actively.  NHRC is following this recommendation and as such, you can expect to be screened at more than one instance.
  • If you have not completed the COVID-19 self-questionnaire (passive screen) prior to your appointment, stop outside the door/clinic and answer the questions posted at the doorway.  If you answer NO to all questions, proceed through the first door and WAIT inside the breezeway for your therapist.
  • Your therapist will meet you in the breezeway and verbally administer the COVID-19 screening questionnaire (active screen) and confirm that you have not answered yes to any questions.
  • Your therapist will confirm that you are wearing a mask or will provide one for you.
  • Please sanitize your hands with the provided sanitizer (or similar) prior to proceeding into the clinic.
  • Once all of these steps have been completed, your therapist will lead you to the appropriate treatment following the established directional procedure.  This step is being implemented to minimize potential interaction between patients and staff.
  • Once treatment is complete, the therapist will lead you to the reception area where you will wait at designated marks before contactless payment and scheduling your next appointment.
  • Exit the clinic

We know things may look a little bit different, but we promise that our commitment to exceptional patient care is still the same.

Please call us at 289-362-3600 and book the limited spots available