Full Body Workout with the TRX

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Full Body Workout with the TRX

The TRX suspension Training system was originally developed for Military use. This unique full body training apparatus allowed soldiers to transport just one piece of fitness equipment that targeted their body.  In recent years suspension training has exploded onto the fitness scene. 

We have incorporated this unique piece of fitness equipment into a group based full body training program. Our classes combine strength training, cardio and core stability all into one without having to fiddle around with useless gym equipment. Everything is based around functional movement patterns that help to restore the body’s natural way of motion. 

Check out this video for more info:

” I worked muscles that I didn’t even know I had. What a great way to get started with this amazing system” – Margaret 

” This class is a true full body workout. By the end of the 6 weeks I felt stronger and lost weight as an added bonus” – Amanda

You can find our current group fitness schedule =====> HERE


Click ======> HERE to join our “Intro to TRX” 6 week course starting Wednesday January 17th at 7pm. 


Great for all fitness levels!!




Paul Skiba

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Registered Kinesiologist

Certified Exercise Physiologist



Community Acupuncture Clinic

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Community Acupuncture Clinic

Every other Saturday 9am-12pm starting June 11th


acupunctureCommunity acupuncture is a group setting type of practice, where multiple patients are treated at the same time with individualized acupuncture treatment plans.


A sliding scale fee schedule makes acupuncture accessible to many more people. Sessions are $20-$40. You decide what you can afford.


This type of practice is more aligned with Traditional Chinese Medicine since it allows for regular treatments – a vital component of an effective acupuncture treatment plan.


Benefit from the healing power of the collective whole in a supportive, safe community setting!


When: Starting Saturday June 11th from 9am-12pm

Where: Niagara Health & Rehab Centre

How to book: Please call Niagara Health & Rehab Centre to book your appointment

Fee: $20-$40. You decide what you can afford!

Please bring cash. To keep costs low, there will be no reception staff. An envelope and a box will be provided at the reception area, in order to keep things simple and confidential. Place your payment in the envelope, and leave it in the box. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Appointment details: First time only 10-15 minute intake. I will need to go over your health history with you in private before beginning treatment.

Appointments are 45 minutes long.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out forms and get acquainted with the setting

Wear comfortable and loose clothing. Your arms and legs will need to be accessible. And please avoid strong fragrances, for those who may be sensitive or allergic.


Come relax with the collective whole


I look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Stefania Arena, ND

The 3 best outdoor exercises!

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Man jogging through woods

Summer is finally here! The constant sunshine and longer days also bring with it the opportunity to get outside and exercise. Rather than spending time in a sweaty gym, you can smell the fresh air and roll around on the grass while seating away the pounds! Like any other exercise session, you always want to make sure you are making your workouts as efficient as possible. The last things you want to do is waste these short lived summer days by making your workouts longer than they have to be. With that being said, I have put together my top 3  list of outdoor exercises that are going to help you boost your metabolism and get that beach body just in time.


Sprinting on the grass. Its no secret that intervals are the best way to target that stubborn fat. Sprinting outdoors is one of the best ways to  get the heart rate up to the desired rate. The best thing about this exercise is that you don’t need anything other than a pair of shoes so you can do it anywhere. The short speed bursts ( approx 10-15 seconds) are followed by a rest period ( 45-60 seconds). This helps to boost your growth hormone and testosterone production,  which in turn helps to burn fat and build lean muscle. Ideally you want to get in about 8-10 sprints in one workout and don’t forget to warm up and cool down properly.


Push ups. This is another great exercise that can be done anywhere. The cool thing about using an outdoor setting is that you can play around with different angles just by using changes in land elevation. For example, you can make your push up easier by placing your hands on an outdoor bench or harder by placing your feet on the bench and hands on the ground. This makes it easy for any fitness level. I recommend using 1:3 ratio, this means that it takes you one second to push and 3 seconds to lower back down. You ant to do as many repetitions as you can and aim to build on that each time.


Chinups.  This is hands-don one of the most effective upper body exercises. You get your whole back involved along with your biceps and core. This compound movement ill help to kickstart your metabolism and boost your ability to build a lean body. Most of us don’t have a chinup bar at home but I bet you have a playground close by. You can use the monkey bars to work on your chinups. Again use a 1:3 ratio and or on trying to add more repetitions each time. 

You can use the  exercises above to build a circuit based program. Just perform them back to back and give your self a little rest period in between. I guarantee you’ll feel the burn in every muscle in your body as you try and get through the whole workout. 

bootcampIf you are looking for a professionally designed outdoor workout, check out our 8 week Military Outdoor Summer Bootcamp which is starting Wednesday September 21 at 6:00 pm. We have designed a circuit based outdoor workout that incorporates:

Cardio, Strength training, functional exercises, and core stability.



Limited space is available so reserve your spot here ======>    BOOTCAMP



Paul Skiba, RHN, Rkin., CEP

Registered Holistic Nutritionist 

Registered Kinesiologist 

Certified Exercise Physiologist


Oil Infusions – A safer way to glowing skin

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herbsSkin health is affected by what we put in our bodies and what we put on our bodies


Internally, inflammation leads to skin issues. But what causes inflammation? There are many causes, including nutrient imbalances, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, adrenal issues, aging (because our sex hormones change), and environmental toxins (air, water, food, personal care products).


What’s in our skin care products?

What we put directly on our skin affects our health. Topical products penetrate the skin and get into our blood stream. This is the mechanism behind topical hormone creams, or the nicotine patch, for example!

Endocrine disruptors: create imbalances and inflammation and affect our immune system.

Parabens: a preservative. The concern with parabens is that they have been found in human breast tumours.

Synthetic fragrances: contain Phthalates (which is like putting plastic on your face). These behave as hormone disruptors. 

Formaldehyde releasers: release formaldehyde in the air when you rub it in, then you breathe it in. These are carcinogenic. 

Sodium lauryl sulfates: makes soap foamy. The manufacturing of this product results in it being contaminated with a harmful carcinogenic by-product.


Remember, it’s the gradual, cumulative effects of long-term, repeated exposures that are the real concern here. The average woman applies 9-12 personal care products a day – an average of 168 chemicals per day. That’s a chemical cocktail that is sure to have additive effects. A product may be safe to use on its own, but not necessarily when used in conjunction with multiple products. 


What are my other options?

  1. Number one, use a resource like EWG Skin Deep, a cosmetics database that will give you all the information you need to make more informed choices about your personal care products: 
  2. Number two, use cleaner products, and swap products with harmful chemicals for herbal based products that are fragranced with essential oils instead. 
  3. Be especially careful of the products you apply to your lips because you are ingesting those all day, every day. 
  4. Make your own products! See the recipe below.


Herbal Oil Infusion: 

  1. Fill a glass mason jar with your choice of loose herbs. I used calendula, comfrey, and galium. 
  2. Pour oil(s) over top, until it completely covers the herbs. You can use one oil, or a variety of oils, such as grape seed oil, castor oil, rose hip oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil, etc. Jojoba oil is a lovely option, since it closely resembles the sebum produced by our own skin glands. 
  3. Set aside for 3-4 weeks, until the oil smells fragrant, then strain the oil with a cheesecloth, and discard the rest.
  4. Add essential oils of choice: lavender, tea tree, rosemary, etc. The choices are endless here, and depend on your unique skin care goals. 

To use: apply to face and neck. Dampen a washcloth with warm water and cover with face until cool. Then use the washcloth to remove excess oils, with gentle upward strokes. 

Enjoy glowing, soft and supple skin!



Don’t forget that what we eat also has a huge influence on our skin!

Talk to your Naturopathic Doctor, or other health care provider about how to optimize your diet to improve your digestive, and therefore, skin health. 

Stef bio


Dr. Stefania



  4. Darbre PD, Harvey PW. 2014. Parabens can enable hallmarks and charactersitics of cancer in human breast epithelial cells: a review of the literature with reference to new exposure data and regulatory status. J Appl Toxicol. Sep;34(9):925-38.

Probiotics For The Common Cold

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Probiotics for the common cold

Probiotics can be used for something different than gut related issues!

Probiotic organisms are well known for their ability to aid digestion and help with nutrient absorption, but did you know that they also have immune stimulating effects? In fact, between 70 – 80 percent of our immune system resides within our guts.

“The intestine is our largest immune organ and centre of most of the immune activity within the body” – Dr. Nigel Plummer, 2016 1

The large intestine alone can be home to up to 100 billion organisms. When healthy and balanced, these commensal microbial organisms keep us in optimal health. Unfortunately, life happens! Poor food choices, stress, medications (antibiotics in particular), inflammation, ageing, and chronic infections can upset the balance of bacteria needed to support a healthy microbiome. When this happens, an imbalance of the microbiota occurs, shifting the ratio between “good” and “bad” bacteria, resulting in lowered immunity.

So can probiotics help with the common cold or upper respiratory tract infections? There is evidence!

A Cochrane meta-analysis from 2015 2 looked at data from 12 trials involving over 3700 healthy participants, mostly children, but also adults (aged around 40 years) and elderly. The main outcome was the episodes of upper respiratory tract infections. Compared to placebo, those who took probiotics were 50 percent less likely to develop a cold. If a participant got a cold while taking probiotics, they found that on average it lasted about 2 days less compared to participants in the placebo group. So probiotics can prevent and shorten the duration of a cold. Another meta-analysis by King (2014) looked at 20 trials in adults and children and found that probiotics reduced the duration of cough and cold symptoms by 30 percent. This was found to be more effective than both zinc and Vitamin C combined in the prevention of coughs and cold 1.

The first step in maintaining a healthy gut is to avoid the things that destroy gut flora and damage the intestinal barrier. Of course, this is not always possible, especially since we all get busy; we all make poor diet choices from time to time, and we all get sick, and sometimes we need to use antibiotics. If this is the case, there are steps you can take to restore your gut flora by:

  • Avoiding foods and chemicals that irritate the gut (this may include food sensitivities)
  • Eating plenty of foods rich in fermentable fibers (think yummy sweet potatoes)
  • Eating fermented foods like kefir and yogurt
  • Managing your stress (consider an exercise class at Niagara Health & Rehab)

And if you are considering taking a probiotic and/or a prebiotic supplement, it is important to select the right probiotic.

There are many different strains of bacteria in probiotic supplements. The benefits in one strain may be completely different from the benefits in another. For your particular health concern, one or more strains may be the most beneficial. So let’s get the most bang for each CFU (colony forming unit of bacteria)!


If you’re interested in learning more about how probiotics can benefit your health, consider booking an appointment.


Yours in health,

Dr. Stef

Stef bio

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