Dave Griffiths

Dave Griffiths

B.Kin. (Hons.), DPT

Physiotherapist, Functional Movement Screen Evaluator Level 1

Dave achieved a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from Brock University, where he focused his studies on athletic training principles including the application of biomechanics and physiology.

After graduation, Dave spent two years working as a full time Kinesiologist in a physical therapy clinic. During this time he gained experience with a wide range of clientele from weekend warriors to professional athletes.

In 2008, Dave was accepted to the Physical Therapy Program at D’Youville College inBuffalo, New York. He completed his studies in 2011 graduating as a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT). During his academic career, Dave was a member of a group that developed and researched a training protocol designed to increase throwing velocity in adolescent baseball players. As an intern, Dave received praise throughout his clinical placements, earning him a reputation for exceptional work with high school athletes.During this time he gained valuable experience in spinal manipulation, soft tissue assessment and treatment including advanced approaches such as Graston Technique®and kinesiotaping.

In addition to rehabilitation, Dave is able to draw on his previous experiences as a Kinesiologist to train athletes using modern strength and condition techniques and principles. One of these techniques is the FMS (Functional Movement Screen) system which helps him determine muscular, bio mechanical and neuromuscular deficits.Through corrective exercise and appropriate strength and conditioning development, Dave is able to progress each client through specific phases which allow for optimal functional achievement.

Dave believes in a balance of hands-on treatment complimented with functional exercises to restore normal movement patterns. Throughout his career he has developed an interest in biomechanics and how it relates to neuromuscular control. Dave also enjoys working with athletes such as sprinters, football players and baseball players to help them improve their power and agility.

Apart from his professional exploits, Dave has participated in numerous recreational and competitive sports including football, squash and most notably baseball. In 2001, he was a member of the Ontario Baseball Association (OBA) provincial midget championship team. Dave continues to have a strong interest in the sport while engaging in other recreational activities such as weight training and power lifting.