Nutrition Consulting

What can  a Nutritionist do for you ?

Our Nutritionist will evaluate to identify any  deficiencies or imbalances that may be present in your current diet. organic-foodOnce this has been identified, an individualized health plan will be provided which includes nutrient-dense whole foods,  lifestyle recommendations and/or natural source supplements. 

Nutritionists create individual meal plans and recipes for their clients, teach them to decode food labels to help them make optimal food choices, and provide them with food shopping advice and information.  It is also important to assess each person’s stress, exercise, alcohol consumption, sleep, relaxation and overall lifestyle practices, among other factors, and monitor progress to help reach the desired goals. 


When should someone see a Nutritionist?

If you have a specific health goal that you are looking to accomplish, this is a perfect opportunity to come up with a nutrition-consultplan that will take the guess work out of it for you. Each person has goals that are specific to them ( i.e. weight loss, muscle gain, improved digestion), this is why each individualized plan is based on the initial assessment with the Nutritionist. 

What does an appointment consist of?

The initial appointment is an opportunity for the Nutritionist to help establish some goals and also obtain some health information from the client. From there an individualized health plan is put together which is outlined during the follow up visit. 

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