Carmelina Crocco


Registered Massage Therapist 

Carmelina’s Journey to pursue a career in Health care and wellness started in 2015. While enrolled in the Massage Therapy program in Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy, she discovered her curiosity for knowledge while extensively studying the anatomy of the human body, physiology, body system neurology and the pathologies that can come with them.

 While enrolled, she was placed in clinics that focused around: general wellness, treatment massage, retirement living, patients post heart and lung surgery, spinal cord pathologies persons with aids, and the multiple sclerosis clinic. Carmelina has also acquired over 30 hours of event massage that focus around treating athletes and marathon runners pre and post run. Some of the events include: Goodlife 10K Race, Scotiabank Rat Race, Mississauga Gymnastic Championships, Markham Swimming Championship, Mississauga Quidditch Finals, Mississauga Philippino Festival, and the Canadian Hockey Expo.

 While in her clinics, Carmelina discovered her love for treating patients with impairments that are past the general wellness nature. Physiological pathologies such as patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Concussion, parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries are her main area of interest but she is also exploring the effects of psychosomatic trauma in individuals.

 Carmelina has been busy taking continuing education courses that expand her certification to use different modalities in her treatment, such as kinesio-taping and will be future educated in Cupping Therapy, the Graston Technique and Acupunture.

 Carmelina is a great addition to Niagara Health and Rehab team where she will be working with the many different practitioners to improve the progression of healing or improve general wellness to her patients.