Andrew Newton


Certified Personal Trainer 

In 2018, Andrew graduated with honours from the Niagara College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program. After completing his program, Andrew became a CSEP-CPT, which is the gold standard of exercise science for personal training in Canada. Andrew’s primary focus is working with the general population, specializing with clients who want to lose or gain, add muscle tone or increase physical endurance and abilities.

Andrew got into the health and fitness industry after working as a general contractor for most of his life. After years of manual labour and the physical demands of keeping up with his job requirements, his body began to fall apart resulting in injuries to his knees and back. Due to these injuries, Andrew found exercising to be an excellent therapy, both mental and physical.  Exercise helped rehabilitate him from the pain of years of manual labour.  After seeing the positive results that fitness had created for his body, he found a passion for wanting to help others exercise for better health, wellness, and overall therapy as well.

After years of training, Andrew has focused on a holistic view of the human body, specifically on the philosophy of “mind over matter.”  He believes that the human body can only be as strong as the mind is. With this mentality, Andrew works with his clients to build confidence in their capabilities, their mindset, their strengths, as well as their personal goals.

Since Andrew started his personal training career, he has seen a variety of individuals with diverse abilities and fitness goals. After assessing each client to find out their strengths and limitations, Andrew is able to build a specific training program that helps to target each individuals needs in order to help them achieve their goals. He likes to encourage clients to push their limits both physically and mentally in order to thrive in each training session because he truly believes that the body can do anything the mind is willing to.

Andrew Newton